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Join Us – Become a Court Watch Volunteer

Court Watch Montgomery’s more than 70 conscientious volunteers of diverse ages and backgrounds believe that every victim of intimate partner violence deserves rapid and comprehensive legal protection and respectful treatment by judges, lawyers, bailiffs, and court personnel.

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Become a Court Watch Volunteer

By volunteering with Court Watch you have the opportunity to work with others who share your values and interests in social justice, human rights, criminology, law, and sociology. No prior knowledge of the legal system is required. What matters is that you be an objective and unbiased observer who wishes to capture accurate data that could have a profound impact on the lives of future victims.

Become A Volunteer

Connect With Community

Join Court Watch to connect with members of your community in a meaningful way. Witness first-hand how a dynamic volunteer-driven organization can create lasting changes to the court system that help domestic violence victims get the protection they need. Learn about our civil and criminal legal system through a combination of observation and formal training.

Become A Volunteer

Volunteer Duties

Additional Opportunities

As a mostly volunteer-based organization, we seek people with varied interests and talent. Volunteers interview and mentor new volunteers and interns; research and draft case studies; enter data in Excel spreadsheets; update social media sites; identify public speaking opportunities; and research key issues affecting Court Watch’s work.

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Please join us to help make Montgomery County courts safe and respectful places where domestic violence victims may receive effective protections to end their abuse quickly and permanently.