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Preeta Gabba (49) was shot to death by her ex-husband and his new partner as she took a walk in her Germantown neighborhood in MD in October, 2013. Preeta earned $10 an hour at her clerical job, but had plans to attend community college and work in the health-care industry. “She was the only family I had,” says her 23 year old son. Help us write a different ending.

Many domestic violence victims and their children are at great risk due to gaps in court safety procedures, inadequate protective orders, major gaps in services and inappropriate demeanor by judges or interpreters. Court Watch’s major initiatives include:

Establishing safe family visitation services for domestic violence victims & their children
Montgomery County, Maryland;

Reducing domestic violence gun violence by removing illegal guns from convicted domestic violence offenders in Maryland;

Protecting domestic violence victims before, during and after court by educating courts about the importance of staggered exits and other best practices; and

Increasing the number of victims receiving one year protective orders and strengthening the content of each order to more fully support and protect victims and their children.

Court Watch Montgomery is a non-profit organization that builds safe and peaceful families by improving the way courts handle domestic violence cases. Our 70 volunteers monitor over 1,000 protective order hearings and criminal DV assault cases each year. We change court practices by publishing findings & recommendations and pushing for needed court-ordered services.

The great majority of our recommendations for changes at court cost little or nothing. Nor do they require significant amounts of the judges’ time.